A specialist in high and corporate outfitting, Gesti-Faune operates several wildlife retreats in different regions of Quebec. Gesti-Faune prides itself on its all-inclusive luxury packages, which are designed to please seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and first timers alike with a healthy dose of wilderness in stunning locations steeped in history and tradition.

A heritage of the private hunting and fishing clubs of days gone by, Gesti-Faune's retreats were originally built to provide luxury accommodation in the heart of private wildlife reserves. Today, these exclusive private domains ensure complete discretion for our guests. In addition, their exclusivity allows Gesti-Faune to implement comprehensive biological management practices.

Since the company's inception, Gesti-Faune has played host to local, national, and international business leaders who visit our retreats to forge strong relations with customers, reward deserving employees, hold board meetings, or simply take a break from the everyday stresses and strains of the business world.

Exceptional and discrete service, a bilingual staff, experienced naturalist-guides, first-rate facilities, refined cuisine, abundant and varied wildlife, and a management team with over 25 years' experience in corporate lodge operation are your guarantee of satisfaction.

In this the third millennium, Gesti-Faune has not only emerged as a leader in the outfitting community, but as an innovator in the art of fine cuisine and the field of speckled trout biology. Here's an opportunity to enjoy a truly unique experience in complete safety, an intense and unforgettable sojourn in the heart of the Quebec wilderness.

The wilderness retreats managed by Gesti-Faune are equipped with phone lines, faxes, projectors, and screens so that guests can hold meetings. And since in business, time is money, all Gesti-Faune locations are within easy traveling distance of airports and can also be reached by car. Vehicles and drivers are available should guests be required to leave suddenly for town or the airport. Gesti-Faune can also accommodate guests with special dietary requirements, such as food restrictions, a vegetarian diet, or food allergies.