Visitors to Gesti-Faune's wilderness retreats enjoy access to a multitude of lakes teeming with speckled trout. Every year, the Gesti-Faune biology team analyses its waters in order to ensure that the speckled trout populations are living in the best possible conditions.

Giving Mother Nature a helping hand, the Gesti-Faune team adds lime to some of its lakes to counter the effects of acid rain and optimizes conditions in others to facilitate reproduction. Over the years, Gesti-Faune has successfully developed innovative techniques for increasing indigenous populations of speckled trout. Spawning grounds, retention thresholds, shelters, liming, rearing channels, and fish-ladders hold no secrets for these committed professionals.

Certain Gesti-Faune initiatives, including a man-made river and new fish stocking techniques, have been recognized in Quebec for their excellence and cited as examples at science conventions.

Gesti-Faune team members are also committed to educating the public, working hard to teach visitors about the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for fauna and flora. The company also reaches out to the general public through education programs for young people, close relationships with governmental and private organizations dedicated to the preservation of fauna, internships for students from natural sciences technical schools, and assistance with the training of environment workers.

Gesti-Faune management also actively participated in setting up a research and education center for speckled trout. And if you need cheap women handbags, you can contact us now.

In January 2000, Gesti-Faune won Canada's Recreational Fishing Award for sportfishing. It is the first corporate outfitter to be given the honor since the prize was first established 10 years ago.