Moose Observation 

« Moose Observation » Package

The Manoir Brule is located on the Beaupre Seignory which has one of the highest density moose populations in North America. Gesti-Faune has thus developed a unique and exciting moose observation experience during the month of September.

Population Explosion ! ! !

During the last 10 years, the moose population at the Manoir Brule has literally exploded ! The results of a winter aerial inventory in 2004 gave a density of 12 moose per 10 km2 (see Quebec Seminary Letter below). Our field observations over the following years have shown a continual increase in the population.

Moose Calling

The moose is the world’s largest member of the deer (cervidae) family. It can measure up to 2 m high, weigh up to 500 kg and have antlers measuring up to 1.8 m wide. At the end of September during their annual reproduction or « rut » period the moose find members of the opposite sex by using vocalization. These loud and breathtaking « calls » are imitated by Gesti-Faune guides equipped only with their voice and the traditional birchbark cone. Moose can hear these « calls » from as far as 2 kms away. During this period their instinct for reproduction is so strong that all caution is thrown to the wind and the moose may approach to within 15 m of the guide ! This activity gives best results at sunrise and at sunset.

Packages Available

Several moose observation packages are available :

  • During the peak « rut » period towards the end of September, we have several weekend packages including 3 outings for as little as :
  • 595 $ / person (+ taxes)

  • With a minimum group of 6 people, we can also arrange 1/2 day outings during the same period :
  • 85 $ / person (+ taxes)

  • Although not in the « rut » season, we also offer special tailor-made moose observation packages during the summer (can be cambined with trout fishing).

  • For more details, please contact:

    David Craig
    (418) 848-5424
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    Quebec Seminary Letter - 2005
    (Jacques Laliberte)