Gourmet dining 

A beautiful nature setting, excellent trout fishing
and an unbelievable dining experience!

How can it get any better!

Quebec is renowned for its fine restaurants and chefs and is one of North America’s premium destinations for discerning gourmets. Gesti-Faune boasts a team of seasoned chefs with up-to-the-minute knowledge of all the latest trends in the culinary arts. Drawing on such unique ingredients as speckled trout, venison, and quail, as well as other local products, they make each meal a memorable gourmet experience!

World Class Dining Experience

In 1994, Jean-Francois Lacroix joined Gesti-Faune as executive chef and started spending his summers at the Manoir Brulé Lodge developing a top-of-the-line gastronomic experience for our visitors. Jean-Francois had just graduated from Le Trait Carre (Fierbourg) culinary school in Quebec City and in 1993 had represented the province of Québec at the « VICA US Skills Olympics » in Louisville, Kentucky, where he won the gold medal in culinary arts.

Great Canadian Food Show

During the following years, the Manoir Brule become famous for its gastronomic dining experience and in 1999 resulted in Gesti-Faune becoming the only fishing lodge to be featured on the popular CBC « Great Canadian Food Show ». This TV production, that showcased some of the best and unique places to dine in Canada, was televised several times across Canada and then translated and broadcast in 52 different countries.

« Gastronomy and the Forest »
Best Single Subject Cookbook in the World

In 2003, Gesti-Faune once again made culinary history by publishing the nature-related cookbook «Gastronomie et forêt». The English-language counterpart « Gastronomy and the Forest » came out in October 2005. This international award-winning book is « one of a kind » and the only one ever to have been developed at a fishing lodge.

Today, Jean-Francois Lacroix is Gesti-Faune’s Corporate Chef. He overlooks the culinary development and helps to recruit excellent chefs for each lodge. He is now a full time professor at Le Fierbourg culinary school and was just recently named « Chef of the Year 2004 » for the Quebec City region. The other two authors of «Gastronomy and the Forest» are Paul E. Lambert and Christiane Gauthier. Paul, who is a professional photographer, made a career of 45 years with the pulp and paper company that then operated the Manoir Brule. He was the Manoir Brule director from 1978-91, and it was him that hired David Craig as a fishing guide in 1979. Chrisitane Gauthier discovered the Manoir Brule in 1998 when she visited the lodge as a guest. After her second visit, the following year, she fell into the trap and joined the team of David Craig, Jean-Francois Lacroix and Paul E. Lambert to eventually achieve the dream of a lifetime . . . « Gastronomy and the Forest ». Here to find the best digital watches for free shipping.

Live the « Gastronomy in the Forest » Experience

You can now experience « Gastronomy and the Forest » where it originated at the Manoir Brule. Comfortably seated at a table near the blazing fire in the dining room of one of Quebec's most prestigious former private clubs, imagine your-self enjoying a mouth-watering, fresh-caught trout or perhaps a venison tournedos. Outside, two loons call to each other as the lake reflects the sun's dying rays. As night falls under a starry sky, the stresses of everyday life are banished beyond the vanishing horizon…

7 National and International Awards